Area: 427 hectares

Designation Date: 01.03.2006

Location: 49°28’N 02°40’W

Why was this area designated as a Ramsar site?

This site comprises of several coastal areas on the west coast of the island of Guernsey, including the shingle bank Les Anguillieres and the western end of L’Erée Headland, as well as the small northwestern Lihou Island and surrounding coastal areas.

Within this relatively small area there is an amazing variety of interesting habitat types including rocky and sandy shoreline, coastal grassland, saltmarsh, reedbed and saltwater lagoon, together with seagrass (Zostera spp.) beds, all supporting a rich diversity of wildlife such as 214 different species of seaweed on the tiny shore around Lihou Island.

The area also has a rich cultural heritage, with many important archaeological and historical remains, as well as popular areas for rockpooling and bird watching, which is supported by three bird hides at the wetlands inshore of L’Eree Headland.  This site is also designated as a Site of Special Significance (SSS).

Code of Conduct:

  1. Birds. The bird nesting sites on Lissroy and Lihoumel are breeding areas for species such as Gulls, Cormorants and Oystercatchers.  The public are asked to avoid these sites, which are clearly marked with signs and roped off areas.  The public are also asked to avoid walking on l’Eree shingle bank during bird breeding season, as this is an important site for breeding oystercatchers.  For detailed advice see the Species Specific Codes of Conduct section.
  1. Dogs. Dogs are not allowed on Lihou Island or the causeway in order to protect the birds there.  They are allowed on L’Erée beach only between 30 September and 1 May.  Dog owners should always prevent their dog from chasing or disturbing wildlife, especially birds.  Birds are particularly vulnerable during the breeding season, namely February to July, and when overwintering on the beaches.  Please pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste in a public bin, or take it home with you.  Please don’t leave dog mess in a plastic bag at the side of the path or hanging on trees or fences; this is a littering offence
  1. Safety. The causeway opening times and important information must be consulted before crossing the causeway.
  1. Care must be taken when flying drones within this Ramsar site to prevent disturbance to wildlife.  This is especially important during bird breeding season or when seals are hauled out or pupping.