Area: 512 hectares

Designation Date: 02.02.2005

Location: 49°18’N 02°12’W

Why was this area designated as a Ramsar site?

Lying off the northwest coast of Jersey, only four heads are exposed at high tide, whilst at low tide an extensive reef is uncovered.  Due to the wide range of rock types and wave exposure the site has a diverse range of habitats, communities, and species, whilst the overlap between the south-of-range and north-of-range species promotes increased species richness.

The water circulation and physical features of the site provide favorable conditions for settlement of species in their planktonic life stages, and the large number of intertidal rocky platforms and diverse range of seaweeds are important to many invertebrate and vertebrate animals, providing shelter, protection and food, as well as an important nursery zone for fish communities.

Code of Conduct:

This site is largely inaccessible to the general public.  If you are in the surrounding area onboard a private vessel, please take note of the General Codes, particularly in reference to boating, fishing, and interacting with wildlife.